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Worth knowing over the island of Bornholm. Bornholm is Denmark's fifth largest island

Worth knowing over the island of Bornholm

Bornholm is breadth 54° 59 min. north of min. 55° 18 and 14° 4 of min. 15° 10 min. eastern length. One finds a Granitsstein which precisely marks the blade point between 55° of northern breadth and 15° of eastern length with a cross a little to the east in front of the muzzle of the Øleflüsschens into the Baltic Sea - at the southern coast of Bornholm. It is for breadth north of 55° 55 x 111 km = 6105 km to the Äkvator and 35 x 111 km = 3885 km to the North Pole. One calculates the so-called Central European time of of 15° eastern length and is often called "Gudhjemzeit".

All places on 15° of eastern length have the sun exactly as the only authority in Denmark in the south point 12.00 clock, except for the summertime. Ertholmene are breadth min. north of 55° 19 and min. eastern of 15° 11 length.

Important dates

Pernille Boelskov wurde 1980 in Dänemarks südlichen Teil Fünens geboren. Sie ist Autorin und Journalistin.
 Der Freizeitpark mit Tierpark fuer die ganze Familie
pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.

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