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Gudhjem with its port and Helligdomsklipperne in Bornholm
The place Gudhjem is inseparably connected to the herring Smoked hus.
Then here the first Smoked hus was established 120 years ago and the Fisch smoked held forth on the whole island from Gudhjem.
Putting the first herring in the smoke of its smouldering fireplace but it was not a brainwave which arranged for a Gudhjemer Fischer.
For Scottish mercenaries, it is so said smoked fish have been a natural money-making of their menu, and there were Scottish mercenaries on the pea island of Christiansø.
Today's Gudhjem received its stamp only around the turn of the century. Perhaps it would have turned out less pretty if the Bornholmer had not been so overdue.

Bornholm Ferie -  BrændesgårdshavenFerie, action, oplevelse og forlystelser for hele familien Bornholm Ferie -  pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.

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