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 Strandhytten - Boderne
Strandhytten - Boderne

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One of the most beautifully situated lodgings in nature beautiful and single surroundings directly on Hammersø, Hammerknuden.

Is in a radius of 0.8 km of access to the following the situation of the lodging meant, that: Castle ruin Hammershus, quarry museum "Moselykken", boat trip in the Hammershafen, the biggest rock drawing area of the island, beautiful bathing beach and walking tours in the big rock areas.

There is place for about 120 persons distributed in the lodging on two, four, six and nine bed rooms.
2 day rooms with satellite television and video. Separate leader room. Outer facilities, football, basketball, volleyball, Boccia, playground and comfortable campfire place. 0.1 km of a too public transport. Bicycle rental company, Rapelling, riding possibility, climb - everything with professional instructors.

BrændesgårdshavenFerie, action, oplevelse og forlystelser for hele familien Pernille Boelskov er forfatter og har blandt andet skrevet bøgerne "Bornholmerdybet" og "Granitgraven" der begge foregår på Bornholm. Hun er vild med karbade & krimier (gerne i kombination), gode historier og sociale medier pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.

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