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 Ferielejlighed Tejn
Ferielejlighed Tejn

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Lilleborg in Bornholm was built in the middle of the 12th century as a royal fortress.

Lilleborg auf Bornholm

         GPS Position: 55,11903 nord  - 11,89925 ost


Lilleborg in Bornholm was built in the middle of the 12th century as a royal fortress. Lilleborg by far could not, however, compare itself with the Hammershus where the archbishop resided, but it was nevertheless a strong fortress.
Lilleborg (Bornholm) was built on a 16 metres high cliff which was surrounded completely by the Borresø in the Middle Ages.
A timber bridge led it to the entrance south east side of the Lilleborg. A way went up to the Plato here now. Had one came to the castle one passed a deep "neck grav" and a pre-embankment to that.
A powerful corner tower of 9,5 x 9,5 metre guarded the narrow entrance to the castle place. Its walls were 2.4 metres thick and it was from its top possibly to fend off enemies from several sides
The castle place, the Lilleborgauf Bornholm, was protected by an approx. 76 m long circular wall which was built ovally, following the cliff.


A wall went down on every side of the Lilleborg (Bornholm) to the lake. Probable was there, so also stairs built with mortar this one could fetch water more easily.
No fountain was in the Lilleborg namely.
The castle did not get very old.
Much indicates, you this was burned down in 1259. The prince Jaromar of Rügen and the on stirring rich brother Erzbischoff
Stormed Jacob Erlandsens and destroyed the "royal fortress"

Coins were found after this time, this what indicates it the castle still was lived in after the destruction.

BrændesgårdshavenFerie, action, oplevelse og forlystelser for hele familien Pernille Boelskov er forfatter og har blandt andet skrevet bøgerne "Bornholmerdybet" og "Granitgraven" der begge foregår på Bornholm. Hun er vild med karbade & krimier (gerne i kombination), gode historier og sociale medier pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.

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