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bei Østermarie auf Bornholm

Louisenlund bei Østermarie auf Bornholm

in Louisenlund one finds Bornholm's largest collection of making feeling one
. Stand here to the 50 making feeling one, originally gave far more, however. Much is up to 2, 5 metres high in Louisenlund the making feeling one.

Longish stones without inscription which was built on end are making feeling one. In the younger Bronze Age and until older Iron Age (1100 v. Chr., it was) to set up these stones in the place usually where the remains of a cremation were buried.


One has never carried out examinations in Louisenlund, one therefore does not know why the stones were set up.

Frederik VII bought the place and 1850 gave her the name of his wife,
the countess Louise Danner.

this purchase secures the care and maintenance to this day.

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