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Auf Soldalen stehen 6 Ferienwohnungen und drei Sommerhäuser (Holzblockhäuser) für Sie bereit:

The Hof Soldalen lies in the middle of the Nordland Bornholms, framed by luxuriant meadows, countries and woods.
It is part of an old garden landscape.
So red, white and yellow rhododendron bushes and wild orchids bloom here besides metres high, old Eßkastanien in spring. Innumerable fruit-trees bear a rich harvest in autumn.
Experiencing nature

Soldalen is the right place for families and single parents who want to spend their holiday in the midst of a terribly romantic nature. There is daily to discover and to experience something new for children: Scheren. you can feed ducks, little rabbits stroke or help to and, the sheep: There is pizza from the stone oven on Sundays.

Little holiday-makers particularly fond of adventure can venture a venture to the magic woods and feed the trolls there.
Relaxation for the whole family
We offer quiet and relaxation for the whole family - welcome that is into ours comfortable

Holiday dwellings (for 4 to 7 persons) as well as ours
three holiday homes (log-cabins - for 4 persons each).
By the way: We try to carry out social and ecologically compatible solutions in the kitchen, in the structural design and in all other areas of the weekday extensively. You are a natural part of our house, court and holiday philosophy.

Holidays on Soldalen - Bornholm
 Der Freizeitpark mit Tierpark fuer die ganze Familie
Pernille Boelskov wurde 1980 in Dänemarks südlichen Teil Fünens geboren. Sie ist Autorin und Journalistin.
pa Maison du Nord er plads til alle generationer.

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